They say families that eat together, stay together. But what about families that play the lottery together? Last week, a pair of brothers decided to buy lottery tickets on their way from the Sunshine State back to Pennsylvania, having spent several weeks fishing in the Florida Keys. It turned out to be a wise decision. Both tickets hit, but not all winners are created equal. James Stocklas, of Bethlehem, Penn., won Florida’s $291 million Powerball, while his brother Bob scored $7.

“I occasionally play the lottery back home and when I’m in Florida,” Stocklas said in a statement released by the Florida Lottery. Stocklas, a senior judge, didn’t realize his luck until Wednesday while having breakfast at the diner he visits nearly every morning.”I got my Powerball ticket out of my wallet to check the numbers, and sure enough, I was the jackpot winner!” the 67-year-old said.

The jubilant judge bought breakfast for everyone in the diner and called his family to tell them they were going back to Florida.There’s no word on whether the winnings will inspire brotherly love or inflame a sibling rivalry, but a Florida Lottery Facebook picture suggests the Stocklas brothers are in good spirits.


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