A 65 year old grandmother, Gwen Slade from Central London, a 44 year old mother Jemima and a 16 year old daughter say that despite being almost 50 years apart in age, they party together, talk sex and still enjoying wearing each others clothes. They say they regularly get mistaken for sisters.

All 3 women wear the same size dresses and work in the same hair Salon despite Grandmother-Gwen's age.

Jemima says:
I’ll buy a dress, shoes or top and have to keep it under lock and key until I can wear it first, otherwise Mum or my teen daughter steals it. 
'If I do let them wear it I guarantee one of them will wear it better and look better, sexier or hotter in it,’

Jemima, also admits some people would probably criticise the three of them for sharing the same outfits and all having enviable bodies. She said she has a red dress that she wore and her Mum and daughter wore as well.
'I am proud, but also a little jealous, that if Mum or Llly wear it they look as good or better than me. But that’s what keeps me on my toes, and I'm proud of our unique, three-way transgenerational relationship.

Source: UK Daily Mail...

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