Here are some reasons why you may have not been pregnant:

1. Still Smoking Cigarettes
We all know smoking is bad for you, and there are numbers to prove it. A report by the British Medical Association showed smokers may have up to a 10 to 40 per cent lower monthly fertility rate. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine has estimated that up to 13 per cent of infertility may be caused by tobacco use.
Smoking at least five cigarettes per day has been associated with lower fertility rates in both males and females. On top of this, smoking, whether tobacco or marijuana, is also associated with miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies, pregnancy complications and stillborn births — and these apply to the male partner as well.

2. Too Much Coffee
Even though up to two cups of coffee a day have been shown to be safe during pregnancy, having more when trying to conceive may be counterproductive. One study showed that “women who consumed more than the equivalent of one cup of coffee per day were half as likely to become pregnant, per cycle, as women who drank less.” So you might want to reduce your coffee intake.

3. Inconsistent Sleep
If you aren't getting enough sleep every night, no amount of “catch up” snooze time can make up for lost rest. Research shows that the hormone leptin, which has a critical role in female fertility, is reduced when the body is deprived of sleep. Rest for at least seven hours per night and be aware of your body’s needs.

4. Only having sex on the exact day you (think) you’re ovulating.
Even if you have a super-regular, 28-day cycle, there’s a chance you might ovulate one or two days before or after the day you think you will. Ovulation is very key when trying to conceive. i will talk more about it soon.

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5. Assuming the ‘problem’ is with you
A lot of couples focus their fertility investigation on the woman — but in reality, Research shows that 40% of the time, fertility problems can actually be attributed to the man. So if you have not conceived for a while and you both have not been tested, having your husband do a semen analysis might be the way forward.

6. Using water-based Lubricants
If you’re trying to conceive, water-based lubricant may be working against your efforts. Some lubricants may inhibit sperm movement by 60 to 100 per cent within 60 minutes of intercourse. In other words, these tiny swimmers can’t win the race and reach the prize if they can’t move. If you prefer a more natural lube, olive oil, vegetable oil, baby oil are safe and effective.

7. Neglecting your General Health
Often, when couples are trying to conceive, they focus so intensely on their reproductive health, they neglect their overall health. It becomes all about cervical mucus, sperm count, and doing the do. But it's important to pay attention to your health in general because issues like weight, smoking, stress, and medications can affect fertility too. So please don’t ignore your general health.

8. Ignoring Valuable Information.
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