For you men that are just plain tired, who are fa-real considering leaving for greener pastures, who are like, “Man, eff forget her!”, hold that thought…sit down…and shut up listen for a minute before you do something stupid ill-advised.

Here are 2 things you better understand about marriage in-general before you HALO-jump out of yours and into something worse.

1. Marriage Requires You to Adjust and Adapt

Whatever you don’t like about your wife, there’s going to be something that you don’t like about the side piece or rebound-chick one after her. The common denominator between your wife and your next chick is — something YOU don’t like. Loving relationships are not about finding things you like. That’s attraction…which gets you to the wedding chapel. But building a loving marriage is about being willing to adapt and adjust to what you don’t like for the benefit of your spouse.

Look…you can pick-one, dump-one, and switch-one…all day ery’ day. But if you ever want to be happily married, you’re going to have to adjust to some-one. Learn how to adapt and adjust to the things you don’t like with your current wife, because whomever you get-with after her…YOU…are going to not like something about her too. It might be different. It might even be the same. But YOU are not going to like it. And then, YOU will be right back in the same miserable position where you are now…having to learn to adapt and adjust to something YOU don’t like.

2. Marriage is God’s Refining Process

Sorry if you didn’t know this before you got married, but it is a lie…that your marriage is supposed to be easy and void of pain. Know that…marriage was purposely designed to be difficult and uncomfortable at times. Why? Because, we are all jacked-up imperfect people. And one of God’s ways of fixing us is through this little process called marriage. My wife likes to call it God’s Refining Process.

God’s Refining Process forces you to think about, deal with, consider, respect, and live with someone other than yourself.

When you were single, you did you. There wasn’t anything forcing you to adjust your ways. But the Refining Process forces you to face ‘issues’ you didn’t know you had…those you only discover during marriage.

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